How Old is this Website?

February 20th, 2012

So where’s the real site?

I know. I know… That’s what you’re wondering isn’t it? This can’t be the actual website can it? Well, it’s your normal sad story about why our website is rotten. You know the lines, “Our web designers are too busy with other clients and won’t focus on our project; the web guys are always playing with the New, New Hotness instead of doing the website maintenance, whatever other techno mumbo-jumbo they blame the latest delay on…

You may even have a similar story about your website. If you do and you think we can help please contact us about your project. With a little luck it’ll be a really exciting one and we’ll be delighted to work with you on it. Of course, if you do call and we end up working together the adcSTUDIO website may not be getting the attention it so desperately needs.

Not to worry though – we’re hoping to do a really awesome redesign of the site any day now.

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